• Lodge Dutch oven on a camp fire
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    My minimalist kitchen

    I am sitting on a couch, right next to a bathroom where I could jump into the shower at any time, while dinner is cooking on the stove in a well stocked kitchen. It is winter in Colorado, and in order to be with our local friends and family for the holidays, we are housesitting for a couple of weeks. We make smoothies every day since there is electricity to run the blender, the kids can take a bath whenever they want and there is no need for double or even triple pajamas at night. I am probably most enchanted with the possibility of taking a shower first thing in…

  • Travel Tips

    Ten ways to shower on the road

    I took a shower today. That may not seem like a big deal. Or am I turning some of you off just by even broaching the subject? Believe me, I love showers. You could say I am the queen of showers; hot, long and preferably with some beautifully smelling soap. Not so much when we are traveling. Not because I don’t want to bathe in the daily luxury of steam and roses, but if your travel journey is on a tight budget, compromises have to be made. I don’t know why, but didn’t occur to me earlier. The water heater in our RV has after all been working less than…

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