Who Are We?

For those of you who do not personally know us, we figured that a little introduction would be in place. Let’s start with the tiniest nomad. She is an almost two year old rambunctious toddler, who loves climbing, jumping down and almost causing her parents heart attacks while she is at it. It is our daily challenge to keep her out of the emergency room. Our little man is four. The clown of the family, he loves playing with his dump trucks in the dirt no matter the weather or where we are. He is the sweetest boy, and he sure knows what he wants.The big sister is seven and currently losing one tooth after another. She is a fabulous hiker, reads everything she can get her hands on and she is a great help to mom and dad.


The true earth nomad of the family is Antoine, who traveled by bike before meeting Chantal. He is anxious for the baby years to be over and to welcome a little more sleep. Antoine is one of those people who can fix anything. We rely heavily on his handyman skills while on the road. When we are stable in one spot, he takes care of the kids while Chantal is at work. Antoine is French-American and talks to the children in French.Not entirely without travel experience herself, Chantal is a rowing coach, a yoga instructor and a writer. An avid travel bicyclist before embarking on the baby adventure, she loves hiking and raising her kids with a love for nature and the outdoors. Chantal homeschools the kids, is a native from The Netherlands and always speaks Dutch with the children.

We were travelers before kids, and what is settled in the heart never completely goes away. After  some years of being settled in Colorado and finding not enough opportunity to go camping in the mountains, let alone to travel abroad, we decided that we needed to make a major change to live the life we want to live. Renting our house and moving into a travel trailer were the first steps towards our travel goals. We stayed put in the area for my seasonal job as a rowing coach, and will take off in three weeks from today. Not with the trailer, but to visit family and friends in Europe. After the holidays we will head south to Spain and Morocco, after which we fly back to Colorado to pick up the trailer and start our slow-traveling adventure in the United States. After that? Who knows.


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