• Metta on Bishop Beach in Homer
    Life as an earthnomad

    Is tidepooling just for kids?

    Yesterday we went tidepooling. Not growing up by the ocean, I had never heard of the term before. But I’m quite sure that we have discovered a new hobby. Going to the beach has always been a sandy and wet affair, with lots of work involved for mom and dad. Dad in our family does not nearly get bothered by the work as much, though he takes his fair share. The need to pack towels, swimsuits, dry clothes and lots of snacks (oh the snacks) and then lug more than one can reasonably carry. All while burning feet that have lost those cute flip flops long before we even get…

  • Life as an earthnomad

    Hot springs, cliffs and forest.

    After staying put in one spot for about a month, we have now been back in our van for a week. It’s about time for an update. We are still south of Valencia, so taking our sweet time to drive back north. Why heading for cold weather sooner than absolutely necessary? Leaving the apartment in Vera on the late side, and of course in a rain storm, we did not try to get very far. Just after the next town down the coast, we set up camp on the rocky cliffs next to some other campers. There was not much of an evening since it was late as we were…

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